K2 42U
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K42U Cabinet

The moment we decided to design and build the K42U we agreed: the product and the experience had to be very different. No me-toos. No good enoughs.

That’s why we made you part of the team. Let you talk with our Industrial Designers. Tell them what worked and what didn’t. The result? A rack that looks different and functions well.

KPower: More Accessible PDU’s

We gave you a million and one ways to attach your PDUs in the back of the cabinet. No more blocking your servers with bulky power cables when there’s no need to. We call it "KPower" (patent pending), another KPlus.

We also added attachment holes on the cable trays so you could snap smaller PDU’s inside our easy-access Slide Entry Doors. Forget removing heavy, giant panels to access PDU’s that are impossible to get to.

KGlide: Easy Slide Entry

Open up the sides? In a word -“KGlide” (patent pending), a KPlus invention designed to make your IT life easier. We took your advice. Created side doors that slide, lock and are removable. Removing panels and storing them is a thing of the past. Open ‘em up to cool down your servers. No clutter. No inconvenience. And no one else has them.

KSwing: Reverse the Swing on the Front Door

Answered that one by placing a 2-point latch in the middle of the door and making everything symmetrical. When you want to reverse the swing, just move the hinges from one side to the other. Simple as that. Now you have a uniform look to your data center. We named it “KSwing” (patent pending).

KSpace: More Room for Running Cables:

Space for cables? Yep. We made the cabinet 45 inches deep, with 6 1/2 inches of clearance. Run PDU cabling, network cabling—all the cabling you like. Then one of our engineers said, “Why not cover the back of the rack with holes for attaching PDUs and securing additional bundles of cable?” So we did.

After that, we opened the cable entry and exit ways as wide as we could without compromising structural integrity. We even shortened one door in case you ran more cable than you thought the cabinet could handle.

KFlow: Make sure it can breathe:

After a lot of discussion and a ton of designs, we had the answer—63 percent open perforation on both the front and rear doors. The rack still maintains security, but the air keeps flowing. Any more open and the metal becomes a net. Okay for fishing, not for your expensive hardware.

How about giving the sides the chance to breathe too? No problem. Open up the “Slide Entry” Side Doors. Oh, and one more cool addition. We perforated the rear PDU section for extra breathe ability.

KDesign: Give it a unique look:

The idea was to make this the coolest looking rack on the market. The new look says performance. It's sleek. Black. Sharp. Has angled corners. Crisp lines. It's a little mysterious and plenty of unusual. You have to see it to believe it. One thing's for sure. There's nothing else like it!    

KColor: It stands apart:

Nobody else has it. Custom colored perforated inserts. They stand alone and stand out. Colors as different as our K2 42U. Change out colors. Customize ‘em about any way you want with volume orders. Colors that are just plain cool.