Dalton, GA — The saying goes, “Build it and they will come.” In K2’s case, it’s “Listen first, then build it and they will come.” They decided the only way to build racks that continued to surpass customer expectations was to make their customers part of the K2 team.

They brought in management and IT teams from a number of large companies. The teams checked out K2’s new K42U from top to bottom. They looked at everything from the amount of space inside the rack to access, cooling efficiency, cable management, security, durability and more. They came back with suggestions and K2 came back with a K42U that’s not only getting a lot of rave reviews but also generating some pretty impressive sales.

What are customers saying about this unique cabinet?

“K2 took the time to ask the engineers what they wanted and what they didn’t want in a rack. The result is a design that is very enjoyable to work with.”

“The versatility in mounting options makes racking and dressing large amounts of cable so much easier. And the sliding side doors give you convenient access to all areas of the rack when mounting racks side-by-side.”

“The added features on the K42u are unlike any other rack on the market!”

“K2 bends over backwards when it comes to responding quickly to customers needs.”

Looking ahead, K2 is living up to its promise of doing things that shake up the industry, while they deliver products specifically focused on customer needs. And word has it; there are more surprises on the way.