Dalton, GA — The new K42U cabinet is everything customers asked for and then some.

This groundbreaking introduction is the first product offering from K2 and this unusual server rack is just the beginning of a continuing line of products that will break the server rack mold.

Tim Piersant, marketing director for the company said, “The moment we decided to design and build the K42U we all agreed that the product and the experience for our customer had to be very unique…very different.” And unique it is.

The K42U has several exclusive features with patents pending. The rack provides more accessible PDUs that attach in the back and face outward, keeping cable outside the cabinet. Attachment holes were also added on the cable trays, which allow users to snap smaller PDUs inside the K42U’s Slide Entry Door.

The Slide Entry Door is another K2 exclusive. Mounted on the side of the rack, they give the user easy access to the cables and servers inside. They are also removable and lock as well for security. And they can be opened to cool down servers.

It’s also easy to reverse the swing on the front door. Users simply move the hinges from one side to the other. And there’s a two-point latch in the middle of the door, making everything symmetrical.

The cabinet is 45 inches deep versus the standard 42 inches on other cabinets. It also has 6 1/2 inches of clearance allowing the user to run PDU and network cabling. In addition to that, the cable entry and exit ways were opened up to provide even more room for cabling without compromising the structural integrity of the unit.

Breathe ability has also been addressed. The front and rear doors of the K42U have more than 63 percent open perforation to keep air flowing evenly throughout the rack. And the rack is as cool outside as it is functional inside. The unit comes in a variety of colors and with volume orders the company will customize them about any way you want them.

That’s the new K42U and that’s just the beginning. K2 is also working on three new units, a two compartment and four compartment rack, plus a smaller half rack. Stay tuned!