Dalton, GA — There’s a new kid on the server rack block with a product that’s anything but more of the same. There are no "me-toos," no "look-alikes.” K2 is introducing server racks to the market that not only look different, they are different.

That's been the company's mantra from the get go. They constantly challenge themselves to do something that shakes up the industry. They never do it, however, without first listening to their customers. Customer feedback is a key component of their product development. And that's what keeps K2 several steps ahead of the competition.

Their industrial designers also play an important role. Not only are they constantly evaluating the functional differences of K2’s products, they also look closely at the aesthetics. The combination of the two factors has resulted in a product that takes innovation to a new level.

K2’s server racks also offer several exclusive features that continue to put it out front. Tim Piersant, K2’s marketing director says, “Our company focus will always be making the customer experience unique and different.”

Customer response has been extremely positive and orders reaffirm that fact. Looks like K2 definitely lives up to its current tag line and company promise, “Confidence Enclosed.”