Innovation Design

What is KPlus? It’s K2’s answer to innovation. We constantly challenge ourselves to do something that shakes up the industry. We also listen to our customers. Hear what they have to say about our products. Some of our best ideas come from those “What-Do-You-Think?” sessions.

We plan to keep listening. Thinking. Keeping our finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction. Setting K2 apart from the competition. We also believe in “Big Ideas.” We’re constantly brainstorming. Pushing one another to come up with something different. Something better. We don’t put just anything out there. We put the best there is.

Works with different styles and makes of PDUs. Some PDUs attach in keyholes, others in small, square holes. Some PDUs are tall. Some are short.


No problem. We designed the PDU space to provide options. You can even run different PDUs at the same time!


Positioning the PDU: You’ll find 6 spaces to attach OU 24outlet PDUs, which includes facing 2 different directions. The standard position of a PDU is attached to the rear side, facing across the cabinet. The problem?  It blocks the space behind the servers. We designed our K42U cabinet so you can position PDUs facing out the back, giving you unobstructed space. Standard positioning is also possible.


“We want to do things that
shake up the industry.”

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A typical 42U gives few options inside the rack to secure power and network cabling. That doesn’t mean cabling has to add additional cost to your cabinet. To keep your data center looking organized, we’ve provided plenty of options. Now you can secure cables without getting in the way of your other equipment, including servers and PDUs.

Designated space for cable


Perforation 6” Deep x 42U Tall – Network cables share space with power cables, so we created plenty of room in the back of the cabinet to tie them down with space left over.  No more interference with PDU’s or servers.


Perforated Cable Trays – 6 steel cable trays (3 on each side) attach the front of the cabinet to the back with strong welds.  These are all perforated and provide even more space for tying down cabling.


Larger cable-way openings


From the outside in – On the top, the bottom, the front and the back, you’ll find a very large opening for cable that doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the cabinet.


Within the cabinet space – We opened every possible space to accommodate large bundles of cable.  That includes the ends of the cable trays and the rear PDU section, so you can run cabling from cabinet to cabinet in a higher density data center.

Increased the Standard Depth of a 42U Cabinet to 45 inches.


Separation of Power and Network – We provided so many options to tie down cabling and attach PDU’s, you can organize the two entities in the back of the cabinet, leaving plenty of space in-between.


Less Cabling around Server Space – With this added space behind the servers, you can run cabling around the servers inside the cable trays, eliminating the need to cram bundles of cable between the side panels and the servers.


Sliding Side Doors


Easier Access to Cables After Installation – Need access to the cabling you worked so hard on running?  Simply slide the side doors open.  It’s that easy.

Rack Sketch

Perforated Doors – We can’t control the hot and cold aisles, the servers inside the cabinets or the power that runs the data center, but we can control how much air passes through each cabinet.   If your equipment can’t breathe, it can’t perform.  This is why we started with the industry standard of 63% open perforation and are quickly moving to 80%!

Sliding Side Panels – Keep heat in or let heat out.  Depending on how you cool your data center environment, you can slide our side doors open or shut.  This will affect the overall temperature inside the cabinet and outside the room, and is a K2 Industries patent pending feature.


Compatibility with Cooling Solutions – Our cabinets can be used with in-row cooling, raised tile floor cooling, Liquid Cooled Door cooling and more. Don’t hold back on how you cool your data center environment. Purchase our racking and improve your overall performance.

Airflow Schematic