Innovation Construction

When we set out to build our racks, we kept three things in mind. Build them to last. Build them to impress. Build them to be the best there is. We’ve followed that commitment to the letter.

You also asked us to pay special attention to the following:

Add More Security and Durability: Done. Not only are we using true 500-pound capacity leveling legs, but they are substantially reinforced because we run them up through the steel frame of the cabinet. And you can adjust them from the top and the bottom. No more struggling with trying to adjust those little suckers.

When it comes to security, both the front and the rear doors have 2-point latches and provide the option of a combination lock-door handle, giving you extra protection. The casters are also true 500-pound capacity, so they can handle the weight. That’s not all that’s built into every K2 rack. You'll also find:

* Fully Welded 14-gauge steel frame.
Steel Frame
* Oversized casters and leveling legs.
* EMKA Locking Mechanisms.
Locking Mechanism
* VOC Free Powder Coating using a 5-stage washer and 10 automated guns.
Powder Coating
* And each and every K2 rack is MADE IN THE USA.
Made in the USA